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ecifying who was to take responsibility for animal attacks in nature reserves. In addition to breeders and pet owners, managers of restauran

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ts that keep animals and zoo keepers would also be held liable for animal attacks. Netherlands to crack down on anim▓al rights extremismChinese authorities


: Animal feed is saf▓eDoubts are being raised about the quality of China's ▓animal feed products, after eggs from the mainland on sale i▓n Hong Kong were found to cont

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ain the toxic chemical, melamine. The Ministry of Agriculture has assured the p▓ublic that 97 percent animal feed made in the country is sa▓fe.Officials from

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atement.Sun Y▓ang, the world record holder of men's 1,500m freestyle and

the Ministry of Agriculture have denounced speculation that adding melamine to fodder is a long-▓standing practice. They say a survey by the ministry in August shows an overwhelmi

ng proportion of the country's animal feed is safe.Wang Zhicai, Director of Husbandry Department of Ministry of Agriculture said "Such practices can only reflect the illegal behavior of some individual companies, not the overall ethics of t

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he sector. 97 p▓ercent of the products in the sector are above the quality standard."The Ministry launched a nationwide crack down on the production and use of melamine 16 months ago, following the detection of pet food containing melamine e▓xported from China

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to the US. And after the baby fo▓rmula milk powder contamination incident earlier this year▓, the Ministry has adopted stricter quality control measu▓res.Wang Zhicai said "The Ministry will continue its ▓hard-line policies. We have made it clear that if the conta

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mination is unintentional, a product recall and compen▓sation should be the top priority. If intentional, we will bring the perpetrator

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s to justice."The Ministry say▓s local authorities must recall and seal all animal feed found to contain melamine. And all fodder producers

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mu▓st keep detailed production logs and optimize their quality check systems of raw materials.In this year of the Olympics▓, gorillas, el

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